Top 11 Benefits of Matcha and How It Could Change Your Life

Matcha green tea is a type of finely ground, bright-green powdered tea. It has been used in Japan for centuries and widely popularized in the West since 2010. Matcha contains amino acids that helps improve brain function, boosts metabolism, and aids weight loss while also boosting your mood!

Here are 11 benefits of matcha and how it could change your life!

1) Boosts Brain Function

One cup of matcha contains an impressive amount of L-theanine (up to 137mg), a chemical known to increase alpha waves in the brain that lead to feelings of relaxation without drowsiness or excessive stimulation. This quality makes it perfect for anyone looking for a midday energy boost, improving focus before studying or giving a presentation, or even just some evening relaxation.

  • Matcha contains the amino acid L-theanine that increases alpha waves in the brain and is perfect for boosting focus before studying
  • It can also be used to relax at night time without feeling drowsy or overly stimulated

2) Boosts Metabolism

With all those antioxidants in it from all the green tea leaves (catechins), matcha actually lowers levels of cortisol—which means that matcha will help keep you alert but won’t cause any anxiety when drinking so much caffeine. This makes it an excellent drink for people who are active or not active.

3) Promotes Weight Loss


I mean, you have to do some work for this one but drinking matcha can help with appetite suppression which is helpful if you’re trying to stay full so you don’t overindulge.

Matcha also contains theanine which has been found to help boost metabolism and burn fat. It’s a triple threat for weight loss!

  • The caffeine in matcha will provide that much need energy rush when we’re feeling sluggish, while the L-theanine acts as an amino acid that is calming without causing any drowsiness or anxiety
  • This means more focus on your workout routine because you won’t be so easily distracted by hunger pangs (or other things), giving it a motivational edge over coffee where people are too busy counting down the minutes until they can go eat something after drinking their cup of joe. Matcha is a great alternative to coffee.

4) Promotes Clear Skin

The antioxidants in matcha are great for skin, they’ll reduce the inflammation that causes acne and other breakouts.

  • Matcha is also a powerful anti-aging tool because of its ability to regenerate cells and fight against free radicals which cause wrinkles
  • It’s not just your exterior appearance either; internally you can expect clearer skin as well due to increased circulation from all that healthy blood flow from drinking this tea every day

5) Lowers Cholesterol

There’s a specific type of polyphenol called chlorogenic acid that is thought to be what helps to lower bad LDL cholesterol as well as raise good HDL cholesterol.

6) Reduces Anxiety

This one might not sound like much on paper, but there have been studies done about how anxiety levels are lowered just by drinking this stuff every day. One study even showed results after 15 minutes!

7) Lowers Risk of Dementia

Studies have shown that it has a profound effect on the brain by reducing amyloid-beta peptide levels, which is what’s known to cause Alzheimer’s disease.

8) Increases Energy & Productivity

It has a stimulating effect on your nervous system and it’s thought that this feeling could be due to the caffeine content in matcha.

It’s been found that it can help increase concentration and brain function which would lead to increased productivity at work.

9) Matcha is Antimicrobial

Matcha has a high concentration of catechins which are antimicrobials. These act as natural antibiotics to help kill off harmful bacteria in the gut or elsewhere on the body, like skin infections.

10) Antioxidant-Rich

Matcha green tea latte and cookies on a wooden background

With catechins like EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) matcha is an antioxidant powerhouse. This means it fights off those nasty free radicals before they oxidize any cells or DNA in our body.

11) Supports Healthy Digestion

Support healthy digestion by providing bacteria with prebiotics that they need for optimal function (Matcha is a great source of natural nutrients) – Boost metabolism since it contains thermogenic compounds – Helps control appetite so you stay full longer and don’t overeat as much – May help lower cholesterol levels which can lead to heart disease.

If you want to live a more healthy and fulfilled life, then there are many benefits of matcha that can help support your journey.